About Maths With Zombies…

Maths With Zombies was set up by Colin M. Drysdale, a British marine biologist and zombie author (hence the British spelling of Maths rather than the American Math). On his own personal blog he posted an article about the use of zombies in education and found he seemed to hit an interesting vein. As he has a recreational addiction to mathematics (he even owns a book titled Curious and Interesting Geometry and isn’t afraid that people will find out!), he saw the potential to get people interested in maths using problems based around zombies and how to survive in a world filled with the undead. These show how maths can have practical applications in the real world and are much more fun and interesting than the problems that he remembers being used in he own maths classes when he was at school (that whole ‘train A travelling at one speed leaves station B while train C travelling at another speed leaves station D …’ and so on). As he says ‘I developed an interest in maths despite my teachers, not because of them!’.

This blog isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, rather it’s just about throwing some maths problems out there in an interesting format and seeing whether anyone else shares his joint interested in zombies and maths. It will start off by posting a new problem once a week (or once every two weeks when he is busy) based around a specific event or situation that might occur in a zombie apocalypse. In each case, maths can be used to solve the problem but even if you’re not interested in maths, you can still play along because multiple choice answers are provided so you can just go by gut instinct and see if you are right. However, if you are interested in maths, the way to work out the correct answer is also provided for each post so you can see at least one way to work out the right answer (as with many things in life there may be several different ways to get to the same solution – none of which are more right or wrong than each other).

If everything goes to plan, these zombie-based maths problems will form the basis of a book called The Little Book Of Zombie Mathematics: 25 Zombie-based Maths Problems which will be available for purchase for a nominal fee as a Kindle ebook and in print by the end of 2015.

To dive into the world of Maths With Zombies, just click here.

Note: While the problems provided on this blog are copyright of Maths With Zombies, if you are a teacher, you can use any of these problems for free in your classes – but please credit Maths With Zombies as the original source (e.g. Downloaded from MathsWithZombies.wordpress.com). These problems cannot be used for any commercial purpose without express written permission.

4 Responses to “About Maths With Zombies…”

  1. The Political Idealist 18/08/2013 at 10:40 #

    A great blog! I’m usually wary, as a school student, when anybody attempts to bridge topics such as zombies and academic thought: it usually means a counterproductive attempt at enforced ‘fun’. However, I think you’ve made it work really well.

    • cmdrysdale 18/08/2013 at 17:25 #

      Thanks. It’s great to hear you like this blog. You’re right that attempting to shoe-horn things together which really don’t fit can be counter-productive, especially with anything academic . However, maths and zombies seem to fit together quite naturally. My aim with ‘Maths With Zombies’ has always been to try to create something which is a bit of fun. Any learning along the way is purely co-incidental rather than intended!

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