16 Apr
maths with zombies

…because everything’s better with zombies!

Maths is boring, right? Well, quite frankly, yes. Especially when it’s all about how long it takes train A to pass train B given their relative speeds. So, so boring and not exactly relevant to real life, is it? The thing is, it needn’t be this way. Maths problems can be made both much more interesting and more relevant to everyday life. How? By adding zombies! Zombies make everything better and of course, as we all know, one day there will be a zombie apocalypse. When that happens the maths problems posted on this blog are the ones you’ll need to be able to do if you want to survive in a world where the dead walk again…

…This is the world of Maths With Zombies!


I’ll post the first zombie-related maths problem on Thursday the 18th of April 2013 at 15:00 (UK time), and then add a new one at the same time each week for the foreseeable future. There’s no prizes or anything on offer, I’m just posting them for fun. If you are so minded, you can also view them as useful training exercises for the inevitable zombie apocalypse that will one day bring humanity to its knees. After all, that’s when being able to do Maths With Zombies will really come into its own!


Note: While the problems provided here are copyright of Maths With Zombies, if you are a teacher, you can use any of these problems for free in your classes – but please credit Maths With Zombies as the original source (e.g. Downloaded from MathsWithZombies.wordpress.com). These problems cannot be used for any commercial purpose without express written permission.

From the author of For Those In Peril On The Sea, a tale of post-apocalyptic survival in a world where zombie-like infected rule the land and all the last few human survivors can do is stay on their boats and try to survive. Now available in print and as a Kindle ebook. Click here or visit www.forthoseinperil.net to find out more. To download a preview of the first three chapters, click here.

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